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Please read these Terms of Use and Cookie Policy carefully before using the site. These terms and conditions govern the use of the website, the content of which is a protected product under the CPSA – the design of the software product, the graphic layout, as well as the published author content: articles, comments, opinions, photos (photographic material), individual elements, texts, other animated elements, graphics, HTML code, databases, avatars, etc.

Terms and conditions

The materials on the website are entirely copyrighted, and their distribution, acquisition by third parties or complete borrowing is prohibited under the provisions of the CPLA.

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply simultaneously with the protective provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force, and specifically with the Criminal Code and ZAPA, insofar as there is no conflict with the provisions expressly agreed with these General Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of this contract under general terms and conditions is a condition for the use of the website and its contents. Consent is deemed to be given by taking the necessary actions to load the pages via the browser.

The site allows the publication of opinions, views and comments under the blog articles after approval. Posts that contain offensive or obscene language and/or qualifications, and/or are not on the subject of the particular blog article or comment will not be published. Opinions allowed to be posted, regardless of who they are by, cannot be considered to be authoritative, but are part of the blog space and express only the personal position and opinion on the issues at hand.

The opportunity to pose a question is intended to make the blog a space for discussion and comment on issues in various areas of public and political life. Comments and opinions are published on various topics that are subjectively considered to be interesting and important.

The comments and opinions that are published are wholly authored and are principled

Author’s posts are subject to prior approval by the site administrators in order to subjectively evaluate the content for meaning and relevance to the site’s subject matter. Articles on religious or political topics are published only exceptionally and with the explicit consent of both editors. No articles will be published that are obviously one-sided in their treatment of an issue, lack sources to establish their credibility, or are used to promote extreme political/ideological views, racial intolerance, discrimination, propaganda, etc.

The main idea of the blog is the discussion of socially significant issues, any topical and hot topics on which different points of view can be discussed. The posts are dedicated to issues that we consider significant, with a view to provoking socially engaged thinking in the readers and the opportunity to freely express their views.

Anonymously posed questions and topics are not responded to and articles offered in this way for approval will not be published.

The blog prohibits the posting of personal information, promotional or commercial material, and advertisements of any kind.

The posts and content on the blog are copyrighted and are protected by the CFAA. Civil, administrative and criminal liability is incurred for copyright infringement.

All articles and comments from the blog sections can only be quoted with the obligatory attribution, date of publication and web address.

Commercial reproduction of any part of the content of , any article, comment, photograph or other item on paper or other similar hard media by printing, display or any other means is prohibited.

All rights reserved. Reprinting is permitted only with the express written consent of the administrators. Reproduction of whole or parts of the texts or images (photos) is possible only after the express written permission of Atanas Yonkov and Radostin Yordanov, the creators and administrators of the blog.

Addendum to the General Terms of Use, effective from 01 March 2018.

Only articles of at least 700 words are accepted for publication.

Editing by the authors of already published articles is allowed only in case of grammatical, lexical, factual, or semantic inaccuracy. Updating, supplementing or any revision of already published articles is not allowed.

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What cookies do we use?

Use of some of the Services is possible after registration. To create your own account, you need to enter: an email address and a password. In addition, information about the registration and the acceptance of the Terms (date, time and IP address) is stored.To verify a registered account and to comply with our legal obligations relating to information security and to comply with lawful injunctions on legitimate requests from authorized authorities.

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