Гражданино, не се гордей! (комунистически лозунг)

50 funniest communist slogans

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Communism is a time that some remember with nostalgia and fondness, while for others it is a source of trouble and suffering. Some people speak of socio-economic progress, while others tell horrific stories of terror and repression. Whatever is said about communism, it is clearly a time of contradictions, and accordingly our perceptions and reactions to it are equally confused and contradictory.

The lack of a market economy and competition led to the motto of many people of that era: ‘I lie to them that I work, they lie to me that they give me money’. The easy-going atmosphere, mixed with a dose of fear but also apathy in the society of the time, fostered the creation of a number of absurdities. One of the great communist absurdities was definitely the huge signs with inscriptions from that time. Their purpose was to re-educate future generations in the bright communist future, but even then, many of the inscriptions provoked smiles because of the ill-conceived, ambiguous and not always adequately worded slogans. Here is our compilation of the most amusing and funny communist slogans of that bygone era. Happy reading!

1. Let’s not leave a single plum tree in our village!

2. Every cooperator – a pig, every communist – two!

3. Under capitalism man exploits man, under socialism it is the opposite!

4. All tenth-graders who wish to go to the brigade should see the doctor.

5. Peasant, have you washed your eggs?

6. Undress quickly, and others are waiting after you!

7. Soviet clocks – the fastest in the world!

8. Soviet sick – the healthiest sick in the world!

9. Let’s harvest the people’s bread on time!

10. All decent communists – together underground!

11. Don’t put other people’s bodies in your mouth!

12. Students, save waste! They’re for you. (Sign in student chair)

13. A healthy spirit in a healthy communist body!

14. More stones for the people.

15. After famine and misery came heavy industrialization.

16. Travelling on BDZ express trains is a time-saver and a pleasure. (Poster in BDZ)

17. Drivers, be careful! A second’s inattention, then a lifetime dead.

18. Every hand on the leg!

19. Every egg – a bomb, every hen – a flying fortress against aggressors!

20. 25 years of people’s power – 25 years of the circus.

21. Long live the international situation!

22. Cattle in every home. (Poster published by Science and Art)

23. Citizens, get ready for waste! (Slogan of a campaign to collect secondary raw materials)

24. Reagan – enemy number one of the Tutrakan settlement system!

25. Long live September 10, People’s Militia Day – the sole support of the people’s power!

26. The quick service shop is the work of the Party.

27. All madmen – to fight for peace!

28. Don’t tip the telly! He’s worthy! (sign in public bathroom)

29. Speaking foreign languages – forbidden! (sign in buses in the southeastern Rhodopes during the Revival Process)

30. The bear washes, cleans in streams of silver.
Is there an obstacle for you to act like a bear?

31. Persons in costumes are not given medical help! (Sign in the hospital of the village of Gorno Dryanovo during the Revival Process)

32. We make shoes with customer’s leather. (Sign in a shoemaker’s workshop.

33. Keep your hose in working order! (Inscription in a fire brigade)

34. Throwing litter, eating seeds and spitting in the streets is a sign of low culture. (Street sign)

35. The street is no place for games!

36. Tipping is a cause of disorder and deterioration of street service – citizens, don’t tip! (Sign in public bathroom)

37. We’re not afraid of the atomic bomb! (Slogan from school walls)

38. Laziness is a mockery of labor!

39. If you don’t think of your head, at least think of your country!

40. Keep your luggage – it’s stealing here!

41. The new means of life is labour. (Agitation poster in a labour collective)

42. By 9 September 1944 Bulgaria was on the edge of the precipice. Then it took a bold step forward. (Article in the Workers’ Work newspaper)

43. (Slogan of a leather factory)

44. The militia belongs to the people and the people belong to the militia

45. Comrades, women’s lice are a disgrace to the consoles!

46. Railway buffets offer nutritious food that provides health and strength to build socialism.

47. Every jar of compote is a fist in the face of imperialism!

48. Every harvested tomato – a brick in the building of socialism!

49. Let’s build socialism with hand tools!

50. Every pallet of finished produce – a nail in the bed of the imperialists!


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