10 amazing facts about Norway

Little homework and no grades until 8th grade Simply put, the education system in Norway looks like this: Kindergarten – ages 1-5. Children’s school (barneskole) 1-7 grade. Lower secondary education (ungdomsskole) – grades 8-10. Upper secondary education (videregående skole) in which students learn a practical profession or prepare for university entry – 1-3 years. Higher […]

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Гражданино, не се гордей! (комунистически лозунг)

50 funniest communist slogans

Communism is a time that some remember with nostalgia and fondness, while for others it is a source of trouble and suffering. Some people speak of socio-economic progress, while others tell horrific stories of terror and repression. Whatever is said about communism, it is clearly a time of contradictions, and accordingly our perceptions and reactions […]

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7 simple ways to boost student motivation

Can staying in school be pleasant Motivation is the driving force behind all of a student’s actions. It is a temporary and dynamic state that should not be confused with a person’s individual character traits or emotional states. In general, motivation is both intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is that which drives people to create […]

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